SAP Certification and stay current process


Purchase and Consultancy

You have 2 subscription options for the SAP Certification Hub.  Based on your needs, you can purchase one exam attempt or six exam attempts.  Please visit SAP Certification for more information.

For questions regarding your order, booking, training confirmation letter or course consultation, use the Business Support contact information at the bottom of the SAP Training Shop Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

·  After purchasing my SAP Certification Hub subscription (either by Activation Code, online purchase or Purchase Order), when will I receive my training confirmation letter? And how do I access? 

It may take up to 48 hours for your training confirmation letter to be sent to you. Once you have received your training confirmation letter, you will have access to the SAP Certification Hub.  To access your subscription, please refer the instructions here.

·  My SAP Certification Hub subscription purchase was made through SAP Training and Adoption directly.  After receiving my confirmation letter, what is the next step to gain the access?

Please access your subscriptions by following the instructions here.





SAP Certification

To help you drive the most value out of your certification opportunities, SAP offers multi-tiered SAP Certification paths for specific subjects. For more information, please click here.

150+ different certifications are available in up to 9 languages to meet the needs of learners across your entire organization. Please see our list of available and valid certifications.

 For more information on environment requirements and proctoring procedures in the SAP Certification Hub, please consult the FAQ and the SAP Training Shop Help Center.

For technical support in the SAP Certification Hub, contact the support team via email at





Stay Current

Learners can keep their skills up-to-date and stay current with SAP Certifications – with training and exams that are continuously updated for every SAP Certification cloud product release.

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How to Stay Current

a.  You must have an individual SAP Learning Hub subscription (professional, or solution edition) to access the stay current content and assessments. You should review the content and complete the assessments to keep your digital badge current and avoid it expiring until the next product release. Please see more information here.

Check which SAP Learning Hub edition subscription you have, please follow the guidance here. If you have a valid SAP Learning Hub subscription, but you can't find the subscription information, please check whether you are logged in with the email address you use to book SAP Learning Hub.

If you want to purchase an SAP Learning Hub subscription to stay current, please click here for more information. You may also consult your local SAP representative with the contact information provided on the footer of the page

b.  You need to ensure the email address (under PT number) which is stored in your SAP Certification is the same email address you use to book SAP Learning Hub subscription and the same email address is added to your Credly account to ensure your stay current status is updated correctly.

If your email address which is stored in your SAP Certification is not the same as the email address you use to book SAP Learning Hub subscriptions, please follow the guidance here to arrange the transfer. And please go to Credly to add your new email addresses to your account when needed.

An email announcing for the new cycle will be sent out to all eligible certified consultants (preceding release) to their email addresses where the SAP Certification is stored. Please check the stay current assessment schedules

Important note:  The issue date on your actual stay current year badge will not be updated after the completions - it remains valid. To know your stay current status, please check your digital badge status on Credly. If your digital badge is still valid, it means that you are current. You can also check if your assessment is completed in the learning content area in SAP Learning Hub, under the "Learning History" tile.

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If the assessment to stay current is not completed within the required time frame:

      • The SAP Certification is not current. 

      • The SAP Certification digital badge expires. 

      • There is no provisioning access for future projects (for SAP SuccessFactors solution certifications only). 

      • To be certified again and to reenter the program to stay current, you must complete the latest associate certification in the Certification Hub.


How to find Stay Current assessments/ delta assessments?

  1. Log into SAP Learning Hub portal.
  2. Click on the 'Certify' tab to find the certification that needs to be kept up to date, then click on "Stay Current".

How do I know my Stay Current status?

Currently, there are four certification types that require a quarterly or biannual assessment:

❖ SAP Ariba solutions

❖ SAP S/4HANA Cloud

❖ SAP SuccessFactors solutions

❖ SAP Certification for SAP Integrated Business Planning solutions

❖ SAP Certification for SAP Enable Now solutions

❖ SAP Certification for SAP Customer Experience solutions


STEP 1: Please check whether you received your badge on Credly. If your badge is still valid, that means you are current.

NOTE: SAP Certification digital badges are updated once per year, as long as you are still current. Your badge remains valid if you complete the assessment to stay current on time. The issue date will not change.

STEP 2: Please check if your assessment is shown as completed on SAP Learning Hub under the "Learning History" tile. If an assessment is not shown there, the completion was not recorded. If it is shown, please make sure you took the assessment within the required period.

STEP 3: In case you have recently taken the core exam, please check the release of the core exam against the delta schedule & requirements page. You can check on the SAP Certification Hub which core exam release you have taken. (For this, please check the exam code under "Exam Appointments" and/or the exam title in your "Exam Dashboard" results.) If you took the core exam of the previous release, you need to complete the respective delta assessment of the current period by the deadline to stay certified.


Finished an assessment on time but your badge has expired?

STEP 4: Please check if you have completed all assessments to stay current after you passed the SAP Certification exam. If you skipped one assessment after you passed your SAP Certification exam, your SAP is no longer valid and your digital badge will be expired. You can check your completed deltas in the "Learning History" tile on the SAP Learning Hub. In this case you will need take and pass the latest associate certification via the SAP Certification Hub to get re-certified.

STEP 5: If you did complete the required delta assessment within the respective time, please check if your email address for taking the assessment is different from the email address you used to take the core exam. In such case, you need to transfer the core certification from your previous user to your new user under which you take the assessment. Information on how to get your certificates transferred can be found here


If your digital badge has expired, even though you have finished all assessments to stay current on time and your email address linked to your SAP Certification is the same as the email address you are using to complete the assessment to stay current, please create a ticket in the User Support Center under the category “Digital Badge

Find out more about SAP Certifications.



Digital Badge

With passing an SAP Certification you will be issued with a digital badge that allows a real time verification. Unlike PDF e-certificates, your digital badge can easily be shared through your social networks. The badge also provides real-time verification that your certification is valid.

For complete details on the SAP Certification digital badges, we have created both a Step-by-Step Guide and a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your reference. Learn how to share SAP Certification digital badges within the major social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn in this video.