SAP Learning System Access FAQs

What is the difference between SAP Learning Hub and SAP Learning System Access?

SAP Learning Hub subscription provides the overview of SAP courses and all e-learning contents while SAP Learning System Access provides you with access to live, fully configured and supported SAP training systems to carry out exercises from within the training content, and experiment beyond. SAP Learning System Access is an integrated platform within SAP Learning Hub. 

How can I start with SAP Learning System Access?

Once you signed up for SAP Learning Hub, you may proceed by clicking Practice at the navigation bar found at the top of the page.

How do I enroll to a course?

 Search for the course you want to practice in the All Systems tab. Click Enroll Course, select your subscription and one of the available system time frames, and then, confirm. A system status update notification will inform you once the system is ready. Your enrolled system will be available under My Systems tab.

What course(s) should I take?

You can check all available courses in the All Systems tab. For further inquiries on the courses, please contact your local SAP Learning and Adoption representative directly.

To find your local SAP Learning and Adoption contact details, please click the question mark icon found in the upper right-hand corner of the page. In the “Contact Us” icon located on the right side of the page, choose your country by selecting “Change location” to find their corresponding e-mail address and contact number.

What is a system time frame?

System time frame refers to the system availability. It is the period during which the system can be accessed and used before it expires and becomes unavailable. The user may enroll to the same course on a new system given that there is still a valid subscription with remaining hours available on the learner’s account.

What are subscription consumption and subscription validity?

Subscription consumption is the total usage time per the validity of the subscription.  Subscription validity refers to the period during which the learner can utilize the total hours.  For example, a user has 60 hours valid for one year of subscription. The 60 hours is valid to be consumed only within one year from the time of subscription. 

When the validity ends or the subscription is fully consumed, you need to purchase a new one to continue using SAP Learning System Access.

Where can I check the details of my SAP Learning System Access subscription?

Once logged in to the SAP Learning Hub, click the Avatar icon found on the upper rightmost corner of the page, then select Manage Profile. Under the Training section, go to Learning Subscriptions and select the Learning System Subscriptions tab. The details of your subscription such as Subscription IDs, Total Time, Consumed Time, and Validity are displayed here.

How many courses I can enroll?

With a single valid subscription, you can enroll to one (1) course. If you want to switch to a different course, you need to remove your current enrollment and request a new one.

If you want to enroll to multiple courses at the same time, you need to purchase additional subscriptions. Click the “More Information” link on a course tile, then select “Subscribe” and you will be directed to the SAP Training Shop.

How long I need to wait before accessing the training system?

The course tile indicates the necessary time to prepare the system before it is ready to be accessed. Depending on the course, some systems are available immediately while others may take up to 90 minutes. NOTE: The hours of the subscription are not used in this process. 

A notification message on the upper right-hand corner of the page will inform the learner that the system is being prepared or when the system is running and can be accessed. 

Where do I find my user group number?

You can find your user group number at your enrolled course tile. Each time you are asked to make an input containing the ## or XX symbols in the course exercises, you need to replace them with your group number.

Where could I find the credentials and exercises? 

The credentials, as well as hints on the exercises, known issues, and additional system setup tasks can be found in Setup Guide. The links to the course setup guide and exercises are located at your enrolled course tile.

Why is my enrollment removed?

An enrollment will be automatically removed when any of the following three cases occurs:

  • The hours on the subscription are fully consumed.
  • The subscription validity expired.
  • The system availability ended.

Past enrollments are listed at the bottom of the My Systems tab under Removed Systems section. 

Why is the course I am interested in not listed in the All Systems tab? 

The course is not currently offered.

I need further assistance. I am unable to locate the needed answer in the FAQ section.

We have a support team available to help you 24x5. You can contact us through Live Chat or by opening a ticket via the User Support Center. Click on the blue box for Contact Us at the right-hand side of the portal.