How do I know my stay current status?

With the changes to the SAP Global Certification below are FAQs regarding the stay current program.

1. I have finished my assessment to stay current on SAP Learning Hub, how can I know that I am current with my SAP Global Certification?

Please check your digital badge status on Credly. If your digital badge is still valid, it means that you are current.

You can also check if your assessment is completed in the learning content area in SAP Learning Hub, under the "Learning History" tile.

NOTE: SAP Global Certification digital badges are updated once per year in case you are still current. Your badge remains valid if you complete the stay current assessment. The issue date of your badge will not change.

2. I finished my assessment, but my digital badge displays as expired, what should I do? 

It could be caused by the following reasons: 

2-1. You have skipped one assessment to stay current after you passed the SAP Global Certification exam. If you skipped one assessment, your SAP Global Certification is no longer valid and your digital badge will show as expired. In such case, you will need to complete the latest Associate Certification available on Certification Hub to get re-certified.

To find whether you have passed all assessments to stay current, please go to learning content area in SAP Learning Hub, clicking on the "Learning History" tile

2-2. Your email address for taken the assessment to stay current are different than the email address (Under PT number) where your global certification is stored. In such case, you need to transfer the core certification from your previous S-user to your new S-user under which you take the assessment so that the assessment result could be reflected in your SAP Global Certification digital badge accordingly.  To transfer your certification to a new email address, please contact the following team:

a. Customers, please contact your local SAP representative. Please refer to the contact details displayed at the page > lower left corner

b. Partners, please send an email to Partner Service Delivery Team at 

c. SAP internal users, please create a ticket under "Digital Badge" in User Support Center.

Important note: If you don't have a S-user tied to your current email address where you can take the assessment so to make the transfer of your certification, please check the following conditions:

* If you are a SAP certified consultant working for a SAP customers or SAP partner with active support contract, you may coordinate with the super-administrators at the company to request an S-user ID. If you don't know your company admin, please create a ticket here

* If you are independent SAP certified consultants, please contact the regional SAP office where you took your course and certification. All regional contacts for SAP (email and phone) can be found at the footer page of the SAP Training Shop.

Once you have an S-user ID created, you can contact the relevant SAP Teams for transfer.

2-3. Digital badge is expired as though you have finished all assessments to stay current and your email address with your SAP Global Certification is the same as the email address with your assessment to stay current and the email address is added on Acclaim. Please created a ticket here under category "Digital Badge" in User Support Center.