How to retrieve PT number from SAP Training Confirmation Email?



Training Confirmation Email will send to you in 48 business hours after completing redemption/purchasing.


1.       You will receive a Training Confirmation Email from SAP Training and Adoption team. You can retrieve the PT number from the email content or from the PDF attachment.





Kindly see the sample PDF attachment 'Confirmation of Registration' email below.


a.       This is the Training and Adoption team that booked your course.

b.       Participant’s name and address.

c.       PT number

d.       Course name and course code.

e.       The language of your course.

f.        The license validity of your course.

g.       Useful information on how to access your course.




 2. If you did not receive a Training Confirmation Email, send an email to your local Training and Adoption Team.

     To check the contact details of your local Training and Adoption Team, visit our Training site and scroll down to the Contact section.

Reference guide to find your local Training and Adoption Team :