How to access SAP Certification Hub & Schedule an Exam?



To Access the Certification Hub via SAP Learning Hub Home Page(, click on the profile icon located on the upper right side of the screen and log in with your S-User ID or P-User ID.

Once logged in, click on the Certify Tab on the upper portion of the page.


This will direct you to a page where you can see all of your valid certifications.

**Please note that this page updates on a weekly basis**


Click “here” to go to the Certification Hub to schedule your Certification Exam. This will then direct you to the Certification Hub Page


To Schedule for an Exam, Go to the Exam Dashboard and click on the Schedule an Exam button.


Once you click on the Schedule an Exam button, you will be directed to the list of Certification Exams.

On the left portion, you can use the Filter for selection such as the Language you want to use, Role, Exam Level and Solution.

Be sure to click on APPLY once all the filter selection is completed.


*Please make sure you schedule your exam ahead of your license due date to ensure enough time for reservation and technical testing as during peak times you may not find a suitable exam slot on short notice.




To Access the Certification Hub via LSC (, kindly click HERE and log in using you S-User ID or P-User ID

Once Logged in, click on the GET CERTIFIED button on the upper right portion.

Then choose ALL Certifications


It will then re-direct you to the Certification Page where you can choose which exam to search and use the Level and Exam Language Filter.


Once you selected which exam to take, it will direct you to the next Page where it has the tabs for Topic Areas, How to Prepare, Stay Current and Book Your Exam.


Click "Schedule exam" on the Book Your Exam tab to access the SAP Certification Hub & schedule the exam