Subscription assignment and access related FAQs



Subscription assignment

1. How to get S-user from training confirmation letter?

2. How to assign S-user?

3. How to update / change S-user ID information?

    If you are a partner customer, please get in touch with your company’s super administrator.
    If not, please coordinate with your local SAP representative.

4. How to transfer booking from one S-user ID to another?

     Please coordinate with your local SAP representative.

5. Can’t’ find the booking/subscription even if the S-user ID is already assigned? 

     Please un-assign and assign the S-user ID again to the training site.

6. Failed to assign the S-user ID.

     Please contact the support team here.



Access my subscription

1. How to access your subscriptions via SAP Training Shop?

2. Redirect to login page when clicking access button.

3. Encounter "SSO Redirect Landing Page" popup on trying to access SAP Learning Hub.

4. How to check subscription's validity?

5. Can access yesterday, but can’t access today.