Registration related FAQs



1. How to register?


2. How to reset password?


3. Didn't receive reset password email.


4. Get error when register/Login:

         1) "This e-mail address has already been registered. Log On or use Forgot Password to access your account”

                It means that you have an account under the email address that you are using.

                Please “Log On” or use “Forgot Password” to access your account.


         2) Error upon login: "Sorry, we could not authenticate you. Try again."

                Here are three of the trying situations that were the likely reason.

                         a. You have encountered an incorrect password. Please reset your password.

                         b. The user ID/email login you are trying to use is not correct / Customer user ID doesn’t have log-in authorization.

                         c. Your e-mail ID is not registered yet, please register on SAP Training Webshop.


5. Other login issues, please contact SAP E-learning Support Team here